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          We are exclusive representatives in the UK and Ireland for the following companies:



Maschinenfabrik Niehoff GmbH+Co. KG.



                                          World leaders in manufacturing non-ferrous high speed wire drawing and annealing equipment, spooling and coiling systems.

                                          Patented cable spooling system type NPS for Automotive Cable production which gives trouble free high speed pay-off.

                                                                                              Electro-Galvanic plating lines for non-ferrous wires.






                                                                                              Niehoff GmbH are based in Schwabach Germany.




The Esteves Group are the worlds leading supplier of wire drawing dies, stranding dies and extrusion tooling.

                                          The Esteves HQ is in Barcelona, Spain.




                                                   Kyocera are fast becoming one of Europe's major suppliers of ceramic capstans cones and wire guides in the wire and cable industries.   


                                                                                                            Kyocera Fineceramics Precision GmbH are based in Selb Germany.  





   George A Mitchell Company


                                                    World leader in design and production of Hydraulic Push Pointing Machinery for all types of applications in the ROD and TUBE

                                                    industries. Mitchell have over 200 machine designs, one to suit every requirement.


                                                    Mitchell also design and produce special purpose hydraulic push pointing type machines for the chipless machining of Automobile

                                                    components such as axles and gearlevers etc..





                                                                                                George A Mitchell are based in Youngstown Ohio USA.



Friedr. Krollmann GmbH + Co. KG.


                                                    Specialist manufacturers of pointing machinery for the WIRE and TUBE industries.

                                                    Swaging machines.

                                                    Roll point machines.

                                                    Point turning machines.

                                                    Stringing and pointing machines.

                                                    Hydraulic squeeze pointers

                                                    Special handling systems for Rods and Tubes.

                                                    Horizontal pay-off and straightening machines.       




                                                                                                  Friedr. Krollmann are based in Altena Germany.  


 Reber Systematic GmbH + Co. KG



                                             Compact drum type filter systems for the filtration of wire drawing and cutting type lubricants.

                                             Used in conjunction with wet wire drawing machines and machine tools.  

                                             The product range covers from single free standing units to centralised factory systems.







Systematic are based in Reutlingen Germany.



          Bongard are well known as suppliers of used machinery.

Kieselstein are manufacturers of ferrous wire drawing equipment,


their manufacturing programme includes many well known brands.



                                                  We are more than just a sales agency.